ICONE Group can offer efficient solutions and target companies


Above all, be it to develop your company or to downsize your activities in Europe, the aim of ICONE Group experts is to anticipate your industrial movements, such as acquisitions, industrial restructuring and reorganization, and then propose adequate opportunities and customized solutions.

Mergers - Acquisitions

We offer full range of services for your mergers, acquisitions and company divestments.

Industrial Conversions

Conversions are Industrial missions for customers, major industrial groups, who wish to withdraw and divest from one of their industrial sites. These projects are of interest for industrial investors, who seek an industrial solution for their new industrial projects.

Financing Solutions

ICONE Group and its partners are tailoring industrial projects financing solutions to the needs of their customers. ICONE Group also connects investors and industrials in search of exceptional financing for their new development opportunities.

Mergers - Acquisitions

Who could understand the constraints and preoccupations of an industrial better than a former industrial himself?

Who could understand the constraints and preoccupations of an industrial better than a former industrial himself? ICONE Group assists its clients, industrial internationally active SMEs and developing industrial groups in the definition of their strategy of acquisitions and divestments.

Based on our industry experience (over 60% of our consultants are former industrial investors) and industry consulting expertise and management, we then identify the most adapted and serious targets. Through our international network, we are thus able to quickly find industrial companies for a merger / acquisition. Once the target found, our consultants dispose of sufficient expertise to advance issues and succeed in the transaction in the best possible way.

If you have a project to sell your business or part of your business, our group supports you in the right strategic choice (closing, transmission, conversion, disposal,…). In addition, we can offer the key to financing solutions through our partner investors and bankers.

Our services in detail

Sales / Divestitures :

  • Preparation of information and financial data necessary for the divestiture
  • Looking for investors or buyers for your business
  • Buyers search for this part of your activity
  • Study the various proposals and preparation of meetings with buyers
  • Legal assistance with your lawyers until the signing acts


  • Analysis of your strategy and of the targeted industrial sector
  • Confidential approach of the target industrial companies
  • Analysis of their business plans, due diligence, analysis of financials, etc.
  • Advice and support during meetings with businesses
  • Council on corporate law and acquisitions
  • Support for business transfers and advice in connection with the company sale
  • Coaching and support until the signing acts

Industrial Conversion

As a matter of fact, our European industrial customers sometimes need to follow their customers in Emerging countries and reduce their presence in Europe. Sometimes they need to divest from European production plants for other reasons.

But this must not mean that their factories will no longer interest any other industrial, who might be interested in a European industrial project. In order to offer a real alternative to the trend of "industrial divestitures", ICONE Group has developed and adapted the methodology of "smart divestitures”, the so called "Industrial Conversions”. This methodology should now be wider spread and used in Europe.

ICONE Group will identify an industrial buyer, planning an industrial project, and willing to overtake the site with his own productions and / or additional products. In return, the seller is willing to give the buyer a portion of the funds that would have cost him a traditional closure. Non-refundable and special funds, which might thus allow the buyer to achieve his industrial project.

It is a very complex process which takes especially into account the situation of employees, but also all other aspects: technical, industrial, commercial, logistics, real estate, financial, labor, ...

ICONE Group accompanies the transferor and the buyer candidate during all stages of the mission, until the transfer of all employee work contracts.

Summarized, the phases of such an assignment are designed as follows:

  • Expertise of the site and highlighting of the strengths,
  • Targeting of industrial sectors, companies and projects,
  • Broad and discrete prospecting among potential Buyers
  • Signing of confidentiality agreements with each potential candidate,
  • Selection of Buyers interested, and organization of site visits,
  • Follow-up of the business plans,
  • Assistance in the negotiations,
  • Assistance during the signature of (the) contract (s) of transfer,
  • Assistance for seller and buyer to present the deal to the employees.

ICONE Group fait appel, si nécessaire, à des experts juridiques, financiers et à des techniciens spécialisés.


The operations, once successful, show the following results:

  • 100% of the employees concerned are generally taken over by the overtaker (no layoffs) - employees are generally included in the framework of Article L. 1224 -1 of the Labor Code, but this is not an obligation.
  • Assets (buildings, production facilities) are partially or fully overtaken with very interesting financial conditions,
  • A non-refundable financial assistance of tens of thousands of euros per employee is assigned to the overtaker,
  • the overall cost of the operation for transferring the group is of the order of 50 to 60% of the cost of a traditional closure,
  • no disturbance on the site or on other Group units.

Our website www.france-industries-reconversions.com give you more details about this activity.

Industrial optimization - Financing

ICONE Group's experts support customers (large corporations and SMEs / ETI in development) also in improving their industrial and financial performance. This support may be up to a funding contribution through our financial partners and investors.


At several stages of their development, our customers can be taken to ask us to assist them in optimizing their industrial performance. Especially to improve productivity associated with the optimization of working capital is a multiple expertise in industrial council proposed by the group.

Here are some examples :

  • Lean Manufacturing Expertise associated with the optimization of working capital
  • Improvement of industrial performance (Six Sigma, Kaizen, Hochin, ....)
  • Supply Chain Management


We also have very efficient experts for the research of investments and grants for your industrial projects.

Need a fundraiser?
We assist clients in analyzing their investment needs, and we build business plans with them. We have created a powerful network of partners and investors, willing to meet the needs for funding and venture capital for our clients.

You want to invest in the construction of a new industrial site? Or you wish to expand the existing building? Feel free to submit your project, we may find in our portfolio an existing industrial site, from which another client might want to disengage. Very significant non-reimbursable financing can thus be obtained. Furthermore, with the financial and economic solution the buyer can win time and even find the human resources needed by recovering already trained production staff.

Do not hesitate to solicit us on these subjects by mail or phone